Seminar: EU-Africa trade relations

Partnership or hardship?
EU-Africa trade relations
International trade is of great economic importance to low-income countries. The value of exports from Sub-Saharan Africa is many times larger than the aid they receive. EU’s trade policy affects low-income countries in many ways, and the Union has the power to improve the situation of millions of people living in poverty by making sure that its trade policies promote development. New free trade agreements, the so-called EPAs, are currently being negotiated between the EU and countries in Africa. They are aimed at integrating African countries into the world market, something that should lead to economic growth. The EU has, however, been highly criticized by African politicians and civil society representatives who fear that the agreements might have the opposite effect.

How will EU’s and Africa’s roles in the global trade pattern change in the future? Have the EPA-negotiations harmed the relations between the EU and Africa? How does Sweden ensure that the EPAs are living up to the goal of promoting economic development in low-income countries?


Iina Soiri, Director, The Nordic Africa Institute (moderator)
Arne Bigsten, Professor Development Economics, School of Business, Economics and Law, Gothenburg
Lennart Wohlgemuth, Guest Professor African Studier, School of Global Studies, Gothenburg
Sven Östberg, Head of Section for Sustainable Development, International Trade Policy Department, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Marja Wolpher, Theme Officer, Afrikagrupperna

When? Monday, November 24, 11.30-13.00
Where? Hörsalen, Medelshavsmuséet, Fredsgatan 2, Stockholm
Registration? Email:

Lunch sandwiches will be served 11.00-11.30 in ”Salongen”! (Please note that eating in ”Hörsalen” is not allowed).

The seminar will be live-streamed on where you also find debate articles relating to the seminar. Tweet your questions and comments to the panel #euivarlden

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