Söderut Magazine

Söderut is a politically and religiously independent magazine created and managed by members of Södertörns Student Association of Foreign Affairs. Our ambition is to create awareness regarding international politics and foreign affairs. Our aim is to treat every matter objective and to rather stimulate, than influence, the debate. We target students who are already interested in foreign affairs, but we also have the intention to inspire and engage students who are new to the subject. Our magazine switches focus between different parts of the world as well as the different subjects of discussion.

Starting this year, 2014, Söderut will put greater focus on our english-written content. We hope to involve more exchange students and thus include perspectives from a big variety of cultures and backgrounds.
We are always looking for new writers, photographers and designers. If you’re interested to get involved, or if you have any questions: feel free to contact us on redaktion@ufsodertorn.org or visit our website or facebook-page.

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